‘Fast and furious’ from Goldrausch @ Halle am Wasser, November 4th 2011

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Fast and Furious – 2011 Goldrausch presents artistic works that quickly and accurately treats current artistic and social items, also question the established record of perception regulations to deactivate them. The exhibition presents films with large atmospheric density,
 documentaries and archival strategies, plans and photographic image-space expansive installations.

Free translation by me, original in German, source: http://www.goldrausch-kuenstlerinnen.de/2012/fast_and_furious_kurzinfo.pdf

Artists and works in GOLDRAUSCH 2011 exhibition :

#1: Ein ganz normaller Tag, Anja  Claudia Pentrop

#2: Counterforce, Jennis Li Cheng Tien

#3: Heroes, Carolina Hellsgård

#4: Becoming and #15: On and off, Kerstin Honeit

#5: An archive of accident gestures, Emma Waltraud Howes

#6: Blumenstrauss, Frieda Knapp

#7: L(arge), Surya Gied

#8: N.N., K1, K2, Kathrin Köster

#9: Cheer up Pyramid and #10: M2, Mirja Busch

#11: Wo dinge sind, Anna Mields

#12: Die horizontale Zivilisation, Bettina Hutschek

#13: Mauerpark, 30.4.2007/2011, Petra Spielhagen

#14: The promised place: Level 1 (Do you read me?), Yuki Young blood

#16: We are all together, Yun-Ting Hung

#17: The king is blind, Sharon Paz

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Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt art IT is a comprehensive professional training programme for female artists. The one-year course is designed to pass on vital knowledge and develop relevant skills an artist needs to meet the complex challenges that arise when pursuing a freelance artistic career. The aim of the course is to develop individual career strategies, which will enable participants to make informed decisions and act confidently in the art world.

Source: http://www.goldrausch-kuenstlerinnen.de/2012/index.html


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