‘Pareto optimality’ from Danilo Correale @ Supportico Lopez, November 11th 2011

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The “Pareto optimality” is a concept used in economics to demonstrate how in a given group it is impossible to improve a subject’s condition without worsening another’s.

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Moving from this theoretical premise, Danilo Correale defines his viewpoint through three passages in a single compositional process:

A dictionary of financial and market terms on whose spine the artist has transcribed a passage from Borges’ Lottery of Babylon.

In the three works made of recycled paper. This is made of pulped losing lottery tickets, which thus reestablish their value, turning from tangible signs of failure into a work of art.

The video “The surface of my eye is deeper than the ocean” (2011) shows several people engaged, absorbed, concentrated in the obsessive gesture of scratching, a gesture that is depersonalizing in an alienating and almost pornographic way. These are every-day life glimpses of players whose gesture, which summarizes the failure of a whole society, is placed here under an inquisitive gaze.

Material illusions, today transformed into needs, and the idealization of statuses are the results of an abysmal gap that has opened up between reality and the “Televised reality” we are force-fed every day. Our culture is saturated with images of prizes, competitions, piles of money, golden coins, and all sorts of commodities. These images are reflected back by the “spectacularization” of ordinary life.

Source: http://www.supporticolopez.com/?p=1185


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