‘Space Release # 1: 12 Titles’ @ Stedefreund, November 25th 2011

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Space Release # 1: 12 Titles. Part 1 of the three-part exhibition series about Space Release.

Free translation by me, original in german, source: http://www.stedefreund-berlin.de/sf_pdf/sf_Nov2011_space.pdf

Art takes up space. Art creates and defines space and is determined by the same space. Taking the advantage of a new site Space release will examine space as formative moment in art with a set of three groupal exhibitions that will take place between November 2011 and February 2012.

In the exhibition series, will address our location as a project space in Berlin and at the same time reflecting the relationship between art and space. The individual exhibitions and artistic positions will formulate different approaches to the subject of space to discuss its architectural, institutional, social, cultural, psychological and physical aspects.

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Space Release # 1-12 Titles deals with the appropiation of space and with one of the most fundamental questions in art: what is its own location and the relationship to its surroundings . 12 Stedefreund artists will explore the possibilities of an unknown space and they will redefine it. In the commun spatial analysis  each artists position will be accentuated and differentiated from the others. The exhibition space itself becomes the display with the artists’ responses to it facilitating a variety of spatial experiences.

Artists: Stefka Ammon // Astrid Busch // Nicole Degenhard // Anne Gathmann // Kerstin Gottschalk // Marlena Kudlicka // Rebecca Michaelis // Julia Prezewowsky // Marcel Prüfert // Katja Pudor // Alexandra Schumacher // Julia Staszak

More info: http://www.stedefreund-berlin.de/


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