‘Dark Drives’ exhibition pics @ TM – HKW, February 3rd, 2012

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Dark Drives. Uneasy energies in technological times is the transmediale exhibition in which the main point is to engage with the multiple instances where uneasy energies and the in/compatible,  connect and generate processes that challenge consensual and standardized perceptions of technology.

“Uneasy energies in technological times” through an extensive and diverse group of examples claims that distortions, ambiguities, irritations, ironies, and unrest  constitute as a significant trajectory in our relations with modern technology and have done so since the use value of electricity was discovered.

The exhibition claims that uneasy energies are insuperable, an integral and constitutive part of  technological times. The exhibition is curated by Jacob Lillemose. Text source: http://www.transmediale.de/festival/exhibition

The sequence of pics shows the works in the exhibition, prior the title and after the piece, where it is found two subsequent titles is due to the fact that organization did not allow to film or photograph the next pieces: Dullaart’s video Re: Deep Water Horizon, Chris Burden’c photo+text Doorway to Heaven, Wellmer’s video Error 502… and Dahl, Peill, Zimmer video Web Warriors. Also Borroughs & Balch film The cut-ups and Ant Farm video Media Burn are not photograph or recorded  ’cause it was surrounded by 50 people therefore I could not take a close shot.

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