‘Dark Drives’ exhibition videos part I @ TM – HKW, February 3rd, 2012

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Dark Drives. Uneasy energies in technological times – videos – part I. Text source: exhibition catalogue.

Costanza, 2011 – Costanza Candeloro & Luca Libertini: Ever since the practical value of electricity was discovered in the first half of XIX century, close connections between human body and electricity have unfolded multiplicity of trajectories in our culture. Costanza gets in front of the camera  touching her body with the tip of a mini jack cable connected to an amplifier. As she moves the cable over different parts of her skin, the current coming from the amplifier connected to the ground through her body and the sound of this electric circuit is heard on the loudspeakers connected to the amp. When she touches her covered parts, no sound is produced. The performance is reminiscent of a peepshow or sex internet video, except she is not striping nor sex, only her body and the electricity connected in a tense act of intimacy.

Armed citizens, 1998-2006. Daniel G. Andujar / Technologies To The People: Originally a website, is a series of images of handguns that can be bought online like the millions of other consumer goods the Internet offers the common user. The images simply present them one after objects of desire mode available by the new economy of digitalised network transactions. Hence, the “armed citizens” the title refers to, are, for whatever reason they buy guns, themselves the products of the commercial logic embedded in the contemporary access culture.

My Generation, 2010, Eva + Franco Mates aka 0100101110101101.org: If you were a teenage boy, what would you do if your mother cancelled your World of Warcraft account? screen like a pig, take off all your clothes, hit yourself with a shoe…? With material found online social platforms such youtube, Eva+Franco Mates demonstrates that computer games are far from mere recreational entertainment. They are extremely addictive and the games industry is fully aware of this. Gamers get hooked on the ‘high’ of the experience, but as any drug-infused high it is also destined to take control and produce effects such as frustration and rage…

Realigning My Thoughts On Jasper Johns, 2011, JK Keller: this is a glitch version of The Simpsons episode “Mom and Pop Art” (Season 10, Episode 19) in which the pop artist Jasper Johns appears as himself. Recalling Johns’ series of ecaustic collages begun in the 50s, Keller handles The Simpsons as mass-produced pop cultural object and distorts image and sound through the misappropiation of standardised software tools. The use Illustrator tool “Allignment abd Distribution” to process the video gives the name to the piece.


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