‘Dark Drives’ exhibition videos part II @ TM – HKW, February 3rd, 2012

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Dark Drives. Uneasy energies in technological times – videos – part II. Text source: exhibition catalogue.

LED PH16/1R1G1B, 2011 – Jodi: LED panels has been exploited in the recent years by companies and artist operating in urban space. Las Vegas Strip, Time Square and Tokyo are well-known examples. Because the technology is becoming cheaper, predictions say that LED displays will be soon the primary visual surface in urban space, in 10 years there won’t be wall paintings, neither posters. Instead millions of miniature light sources producing ultra sharp  imagery aimed directly at the retina of the public. This piece is a demonstration of the LED technology and the strong imprint they make on eyes, bodies and spaces.

Linux virgin, 2005/2012, Karla Grundick and Mistress Koyo: Referencing the “home-brewed” origins of hacker culture and originally broadcast as a series of 5 episodes on Youtube Linux Virgin narrates the story of how Grundick -under strict guidance of Mistress Koyo-assembled her very first Linux-based personal computer on the floor of her bedroom sounrounded by pink walls and girly objects. The process of putting together a computer from scratch involve excitement, passion and discipline.

20010, 2010, Matteo Giordano: This work has appropriated, inverted and mirrored a commercial for a SANYO product. An unidentified screen-based gadget is spinning weightlessly in the air as if controlled by the mechanically moving hands of a pair of young girls dressed alike in light blue. What was most likely originally presented as spectacular design of tomorrow here becomes a strange almost disturbing object. Rather than containing the solution of all our problems and needs is this perhaps a Pandora’s box in disguise? We are left in a wondering anticipation.

Paidia Laboratory: feedback #6, 2011, Paidia Institute: conects with the specific history of feedback art by examining the playstation console as closed feedback system. Through a subtle hardware modification this piece turns this precious cultural object into a useless machine of perpetual motion. The work is part of an ongoing series of artistic experiments by Paidia Institute studying the feedback behavior of games and their software/hardware chars beyond questions of usability.

Steve Ballmer going crazy, 2000, Author unknow, VIRAL VIDEO: S. Ballmer sells operating systems, however his performative manners are reminiscent of a fanatical priest, hyped-up market-trader or dogged show-fighter.  A curious mix of technical euphoria, testosterone and capitalist optimism culminates in Ballmer’s eccentric stage in front of Microsoft employees.


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