‘The King is blind’-100° Berlin-Das 9.Lange Wochenende des Freien Theaters @ Sophiensaele, February 23rd, 2012

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Within 100º, the four-day theatre marathon that takes place from 23 until 26 February, Sharon Paz presents The king is blind, 2011, a combination of video and performance, investigating power and control using symbolic images of kings and servants. The performance and video are inspired from shadow theater, using silhouette images of actors placed in two-dimensional environments. The work is inspired by power structures of the past and reflects a critical view on current power structures. Music: Tobias Vethake. Performers: Camilla Milena Fehér, Jürgen Salzmann, Daniela Schulz, Karl-Heinz Stenz. Text source: http://www.sharonpaz.com/index.php?/project/biog/

100º will present more than 130 free productions: Stage versions of Effi Briest, performative concerts with seaman-aesthetics, performances on the topic of work and working-sounds, one-woman-monologues about goulash, virtual live connections to other parts of the world, karaoke singing games and highly acrobatic performances. Once again they have a mix of different aesthetics, contents and formats. Chaos is the concept of 100°.


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