‘Ripe’ @ Tape Modern No.26, March 9th, 2012

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Tape Modern is coming to an end it is their last and final exhibition. While we all aspire to grow old gracefully, the meaning and value of growing up often elude us. Berlin is transitioning from a playground for Peter Pans into a self-consciously conventionally more serious capital. The city itself risks trading its creative vitality, charm, spunk and sex appeal for the material and social trappings of sophistication, while Berliners are evaluating what ´maturity´ means within their own personal, intellectual and emotional lives.

For ´Ripe,´ Ana Finel Honigman and Amir Fattal (the curators) invited leading Berlin artists to ruminate on their relationship to the compromises,contradictions, tensions and difficulties of adulthood. Many of the artists present poetic abstract reflections on progress, evolution and adult ideals, while others evoke icons of youth to highlight the energy and integrity that may be left behind in the maturation process.

This video excerpts correspond to,

“The filmmaker”, Judy Ross, 2011-12, 4:30 min 

“Sylmar”, Maya Schweizer, 2009, 16 min 

Artists: Kristine Alksne / Awst-Walther / Maxime Ballesteros/ Bram Braam / Cecile B Evans / Amir Fattal / Carly Fischer / Thea Gregorius / Alison Jackson / Michelle Jezierski / Angela Liosi / Liav Mizrahi / Matthew Morrocco / Jennifer Oellerich / Leila Pazooki / Javier Peres / Jen Ray / Hannes Ribarits / Sameer reddy / Judy Ross / Victoria Roth / Maya Schweizer / Emmy Skensved / Philip Topolovac

Text source: https://www.facebook.com/events/228359593926747/


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