‘Die Gesetze der Malerei. §2: Ein Gemälde ist eine Fläche’, Sumiyo Nagai @ Espace Surplus, March 2nd, 2012

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Ein Gemälde ist eine Fläche = A painting is a surface

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Duchamp dreamt of the fourth dimension, of time going by and of movement within the strict frame of the picture. But there was no longer a painting. We decided to regard the surface as a dance floor, to resist the urge to enter the endless space inside the frame, to stay on the surface and dance. And we invite you to dance.

There is a deep mistrust of the spatial illusion in all painting and at the same time a great need to penetrate the canvas in all of us. Let’s try to stay afloat in the vast landscape of the painting while the eyes dance in the rhythm of colour and form. There is the elegance of the marionette to be reached, the oblivious grace of those lost in the pictorial space.

Text source: http://www.espace-surplus.com/index.php?/exhibition/past/


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