‘Erase/Rewind’, Julia Horstmann @ Galerie Christian Nagel, March 9th, 2012

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The ambivalence of modernity. Elegant forms with critical potential, Julia Horstmann, refers in her work on the architectural modernism, grid structures and their proportions, their ideal space and materials.Utopia or nightmare? Promise of a better, more well-ordered world, or destruction of developed structures to expand the monitoring and control of the individual?

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Modernism, with its many unfulfilled promises or nonsense,  has become an ambiguous field for investigations and a variety of interpretations. Urban planners and architects, sociologists and philosophers, and artists such as Julia Horstmann fathom their aesthetic and spiritual heritage.

Julia Horstmann is subtler than a direct reference to very specific political situation. The focus of her sculptures, wall objects, silhouettes, wall paintings and installations always question the impact of architectural characteristics in human feelings and behavior patterns.

Text source: Free translation from german by myself from http://www.kunstmarkt.com/pagesmag/kunst/_id203173-/ausstellungen_berichtdetail.html?_q=%20


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