Komplexraum #1, Henrik Strömberg & Ivan Seal @ General Public Projektraum, March 22nd, 2012

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Trophies, shells, collections, masks, clocks, ornaments, mirrors, feathers, sausages, tin foil, tails and other objects.

For the upcoming exhibition at General Public, Henrik Strömberg and Ivan Seal have delved into complexities regarding recollection and invention. Collecting and re-collecting form a route into Strömberg’s world as he warps a shell collection into trophies for forgetfulness, medals for rememberance and objects for getting lost in. Indeed the reflections, transparencies and delicate balancing inspire a child’s eye for wonder or Alice’s curiosity. Following rabbits down holes is often what Ivan Seals work requires. Passages into rooms filled with objects, half lit and equally understood; yet these rooms are located in the artist’s memory. However this memory is not to be trusted and we find that the objects Ivan brings back from his grandparents house have transformed into fantastical things glued together with different pasts and invented stories.

From 24. 03. to 05. 04. 2012 

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