‘Stolen Fantasy’, Reyle & West @ Schinkel pavillion, March 23rd, 2012

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Franz West and Anselm Reyle have the ultimate living room set in the exhibition named Stolen Fantasy in the Schinkel pavilion. For two years, the two artists were sending back and forth unfinished works of art , each one working on a piece (West with his penchant for soft flowing fragments, Reyle with his smooth-colored paint industry look) until one of them decided that the work were ready.  In this unique collaboration object originated from metal-edged elements, rock-like formations or structures are resembled to functional pieces of furniture. The glass building they filled with pieces resulted in psychedelic colors curtains, crazy reading lights, abstract sculptures as well as deformed side tables, chairsmade of ply wood, glass and paper mache, miniature paintings and wall paintings resulted in an organic unity…  Other than usual in galleries, the pieces can be touched and even used.

The opening was so crowded that it was impossible to photograph the pieces without any human surrounding them…

25.04 – 17.06.2012

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This is how the Schinkel pavillion looks like without Reyle and West intervetions.

Text translated and modified from original in german in: http://www.artnet.de/magazine/fotostrecke-anselm-reyle-und-franz-west-im-schinkel-pavillon-berlin/ 


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