Gala 17 Jahre Kunstausstellungen @ Walden-KünstlerGalerie, March 24th, 2012

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Gala to support the exhibition projects

Press release: The Walden gallery artists need support and invite you to a Charity Gala. We want to implement artistic and social visions and need your help and support in this. On this occasion we invite you to a Charity Gala and a journey through the history of the art project, which is shaped by old and new companions.

Over 17 years, with a diverse exhibition program we have made fine art publicly visible. As a venue, we are a typical, but also wayward niche product in Berlin culture and excellently trained in “no budget” productions and situations. In October 2011, the last private resources have gone, which were covering all running costs. Therefore, we are in the need to start a new action to support the gallery, which is to build up a circle of friends for Walden art exhibitions.

During the evening, we want to present you a small Crowdfunding model and ask anyone, which may make it possible, to participate. We would be pleased also, if this action might be an inspiration for other cultural projects and artists. Million of thanks to Freies Museum in Berlin for the consistent support and the additional exhibition space, and everyone, who help us to host this Gala.

Participating artists: b-AGE-ritz ®©™,Bewegung Nurr, Bndberlin, Frank Diersch, Manfred Eichhorn, Dominik Eggermann, Evol, Reinhold Gottwald, Jenny Löbert, Edmund Piper, Henrik Jacob, Uwe Jonas, Nicholas Kashian, Marius D. Kettler, Werner Kernebeck, Manfred Kirschner, Karen Koltermann, Markus Krieger, Alexander Krohn, Veronika Schumacher, Gisela Wrede

In the slideshow, works followed by name of the artist

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