‘Die Kunst der Intervention’, Group Show @ Lichtenberg Studios, March 28th, 2012

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Die Kunst der Intervention – Ein Jahr Lichtenberg Studios (The art of intervention – one year Lichtenberg Studios) 

The studio program “Lichtenberg Studios” of intervention Berlin e.V. now allows international artists residences, they stay during several weeks exploring Lichtenberg and then perform subtle interventions in the district. In this context, there was and there are aesthetic, functional, cultural, historical and social links between art, architecture and public space development. District areas, specific locations and buildings are studied, social spaces made by reference to social conditions of everyday life open up a dialogue between passersby and residents. With the exhibition “The Art of Intervention” a further challenge is formulated: the ideas, thoughts, sketches and ephemeral interventions can be transformed into a form of  formulated space exhibition and its artistic interpretation.

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KünstlerInnen: Norbert Artner (AT), Matthias Beckmann (DE), Holger Biermann (DE), Oliver Breitenstein (DE), Klaus Eisenlohr/ Johann Zeitler (DE), Karin Glanz (DE), Olivier Menanteau (FR), Karsten Neumann (DE), Lucas Norer/Doris Prlic (AT), Saskia Niehaus (DE), Jürgen O. Olbrich (DE), Jürgen Paas (DE), Bora Petkova/HR-Stamenov (BG), Roman Pfeffer (AT), Studierende der Klasse TransArts – Transdisziplinäre Kunst (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien) (AT), Hans Winkler (DE), Michael Zheng (US). Ella Ziegler (DE).

29. March to 27. April

Text source: Free translation by me from original in German, http://lichtenberg-studios.de/category/aktuell/

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