‘Hang On’, Group exhibition @ Michael Fuchs Galerie, March 29th, 2012

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The Michael Fuchs Galerie inaugurates its new spaces in the former Jewish Girls’ School with the exhibition HANG ON, presenting over fifty artworks comprised of painting, works on paper, installation, video art and performance. The idiomatic title offers diverse associations, ranging from the literal hanging of the exhibition’s works, which stem from various art historical eras, to the suggestion that this exhibition signifies the building’s revival and continuation as a central exhibition platform.

While the 4th Berlin Biennial (2006) featured installations and videos that recalled the building’s multifaceted history (among other themes), the current exhibition reflects painting styles of various epochs, their allusions to historical paragons and the splintering of these genres in new artistic dimensions. Arising from the artists’ individuality, these unique positions represent our contemporary times, contextualizing artistic creation in an eclectic formal language.

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Artists: Johannes Albers , Jonas Burgert , John Bock ,Cecily Brown , Ghislain Dussart , Andreas Golder ,George Grosz , Uwe Henneken , Howard Hodgkin ,Gregor Hildebrandt , Paul Hosking , Leiko Ikemura ,Christian Jankowski , Arnulf Rainer , Carl Spitzweg ,Andreas Slominski , Frank Stella , Giovanni Battista Tiepolo , Andy Warhol , Gama 

Video below: John Bock, FixKosten

10 February – 21 April 2012

Text source: http://www.michaelfuchsgalerie.com/en/exhibition.html


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