‘La zona: Radio pickinck performance’ by Ralf Homann @ NGBK, April 19th, 2012

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La zona. Radio Picknick performance

What does constitute the unclear zone of a revolution? Who defines such a statement? For decades, small, illegal FM stations have been accompanying resistant political practices without any kind of vanity and in a very charming way: from occupied grounds of nuclear power stations, border camps of “no human is illegal” campaigns, to camps on Wall Street, the Schlosspark in Stuttgart and soon perhaps in Berlin-Mitte. Under the radar of visual and thus representative charging: It is a remote flickering, a hissing and a silence maintained by pure energy. Maybe also the blue taste of roasted sesame seeds on salted celery. Could it be that a political act that emerges from nothing?, without an interest?, from a wayside gathering? From a picnic arrangement somewhere in the open countryside? With roasted sesame seeds and a radio station?

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Ralf Homann works as an artist and author of radio features. He examines the relationship between space and electronic media with a special interest in the narratives behind knowledge. From 1999-2008 he developed the Experimental Radio at Bauhaus University Weimar.

Text source: http://ngbk.de/development/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=248:la-zona&catid=12:events&Itemid=367&lang=en


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