‘eins’, students group exhibition @ Neuen Schule für Fotografie Berlin, March 30th, 2012

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The exhibition ‘eins’ is the first of two exhibitions from Eva Bertram and Marc Volk graduating classes at the Neuen Schule für Fotografie in Berlin. The presented works cover a wide spectrum: self-dramatization and long exposures in different contexts, conflicts with dreams, reality, fiction or literary produced exposures with no camera.

All the works reflect the resources used, whether searching for the formulation of its own position: how to draw a picture of light? How can the photographic medium make a difference to the seemingly familiar, often not perceived? How can uncertainties – out of focus, transparency, cut-outs, vacancies – open an image in its relations?

These questions are also questions about the process leading to image formation. The viewer is invited to read the images, viewing habits to question and bring it into alignment with our own experience and their own images.

In the first exhibition ‘eins’ will show the final works of Pablo Ruiz Holst,  Tanya Polz, Ingolf Sessler, Sarah Sperling, Birte Zellentin Liza Kunze and Charlotte Zellerhoff.

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Pablo Ruiz Holst in his ATELIERBESUCHE (STUDIO VISITS) deals with the classical portrait to artists and explores the space between pose and authenticity within such meeting.

Lisa Kunze is the author of WAS BLEIBT (WHAT REMAINS) which is as a visual translation of Judith Hermann novel “Alice”.

Tanya Polz in NOSCE TE IPSUM  goes in an unconventional way to personal memories, insights and experiences from the past.

Ingolf Seßler in his project TRANSFORMATION works about the connection between photography and dance, with long-term exposures to create his own characters.

Sarah Sperling in her work MINIMUM SEPARABILE examines the human eye operation with respect to screen errors representation.

Birte Zellentin in MAMAMASCHINE (MAMA MACHINE) engages unpretentious manner in disillusioning the dependent relationship between mother and infant breast-feeding and the concomitant alienation from the mother body.

Charlotte Zellerhoff in her work INSOMNIA deals narrative and forcefully with nocturnal insomnia condition.

Better view of pics in ulr http://www.punkteinspunktzwei.de/

31. March – 06. May 2012

Text: free translation by me from the original in German available on http://www.neue-schule-berlin.com/neueschule/content/ausstellungen


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