Moving myself anonymously most of the time from exhibition to exhibition, indiscriminately from institutions, big venues, to small galleries, non-profit spaces or even private spaces open to public. This blog is thought to contain a visual document about these visits and additionally a registry of “time&space” for myself and for anyone that would be interested in what is going on (which is a lot) here in Berlin, the city that everybody LOVE but also some other HATE.

The repository presented here may refer to all kinds of disciplines/formats. The idea is also show the exhibition display. I see art as the production and reflection of cultural images, a concept that also encompasses interdisciplinary aspects: fine arts, cinema, architecture, design, music and fashion plus contemporary life in general.

For me, the most stimulating exhibitions are those where viewers do not only experience simple confirmations.

I believe exhibitions are mediators and generators of ideas. Conceiving an exhibition means bringing ideas up-to-date and communicating them, however also represent perspectives on a specific time or particular interpretation.

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