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‘Sleep Late, My Lady Friend’, group show @ Horton Gallery, April 5th, 2012

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Sleep Late, My Lady Friend, is a three-person show of recent paintings and drawings by New York based artists Joshua AbelowElla Kruglyanskaya and Daniel Rios Rodriguez.

Ella and Daniel met and became friends in graduate school in 2005. Joshua and Ella met in New York in 2010. Ella introduced Daniel and his work to Joshua in 2011. Joshua posted many of their works on his blog. Then he met Ella and Daniel at the bar and they knocked back a few drinks.

Sleep Late, My Lady Friend (After a Harry Nilsson song): Asking figuration and abstraction out to breakfast at 2pm. Eggs over easy. Coffee. More coffee. Yes, please. Ah, that’s better. My head isn’t hurting as much now, thank you. Now, where was I? Ah, yes…

A dream held at bay until the pencil squat between the forefinger and thumb. They will retired, and with it, the fear. The line displays those unseen things for all to see. At times the line is as playful and lively as a schoolyard in spring. It is a knock knock joke told after three dirty Martinis. At times it is erotic, let loose, and uncomfortably revealing. The line is lazy and inclusive, pulling in kitsch and decoration, comic books and movie posters, you and me.

Exhibition: April 6th – May 18th, 2012

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