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Noisekölln presents Justice Yeldham @ West Germany, April 28th, 2012

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Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham) cheeks are flattened by the glass, the foot of his tongue presses against his instrument like some over-satiated worm, blood eventually cloaks the glass in a pink fluoroscent haze, and then … he bites the glass into pieces until it’s nothing but a bloodied mound of shrapnel at his feet. The noise his instrument emits ranges from a subterranean death rattle through to a squalling motorised melee, with plenty of sonic variations in between.

According to Bruce Russell – WIRE magazine, Justice Yeldham is “the most exciting performer I have seen in the last three years – in fact, since I first saw Iggy Pop. Ecstatically Abela purses his lips against amplified glass whilst deftly employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries turning the discarded shards into crude musical instruments, resulting is a wild array of cacophonous noise that is strangely controlled and oddly musical. The instruments simple, original and effective premise is a welcome riposte to over complicated musical performances of modern times. A one of a kind act re-defining the expression ‘don’t try this at home’ this show quite simply needs to be witnessed to be fully appreciated, let alone understood”.

The line up at West Germany on the night of April 28th was:
Justice Yeldham:
Ill Winds:
Moon Wheel:
Anna Vo & Peter Newman: &

The video below shows Justice Yeldham at minute 0:00, Anna Vo & Peter Newman at minute 1:56, Ill Winds at minute 2:40 and Moon Wheel at minute 3:15 

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